Dark Falz Luther/Omega Falz Luther question

Every time I do the Dark Falz Luther or Omega Falz Luther UQ, I always get frozen on the part where he sends out all of the swords. When I look around while I'm frozen, I see that some people are frozen like me and some people aren't. I somehow got out of the freeze one time (I don't know what I did to do that though) and then it immediately refroze me. So my questions are:

  1. What determines whether you get frozen or not?
  2. How do you get unfrozen?
  3. Why did it immediately refreeze me?

In order to dodge the time freeze you have to dodge at a near-frame perfect timing right before their time freeze effect goes off. Classes that have the fade out dodge are better at this (IE: Force.) Since their dodge window is much larger due to a long invuln.

If you DO get frozen, press all of your movement buttons as quickly as possible. Your screen will shatter and you'll be able to move again. You need to kill one sword and get to where it used to be to avoid the damage AoE.

It's the same as non-Omega Luther, but the swords in Omega Luther do a second time freeze right after the first. (This is actually part of its mechanics to make it harder.)

Ok. What buttons are considered "movement" buttons? I assume sidestepping with RT counts. But to me, that's the only actual button press that is specifically for moving your character unless the attack buttons count as movement buttons as well.

@Tec-9-IceFox Basically, spin your stick and hit the dodge button repeatedly.

Well, considering I have NEVER used the dodge button and don't ever plan on using it, unless just spinning the stick will work, then I might as well forget about it. And spinning the stick like that every time he does that attack is most certainly not going to help the life of my controller any either (and I'm already on my fifth XBox One controller). So thank you both for helping me figure this out, but I'm not gonna ruin my controller just because SEGA decided to be complete pieces of trash when they designed this battle.

I wonder how you are doing the UQ without evade attacks, unless you are a just block god to not take damage from attacks, still is not difficult to do button smashing with controllers without breaking then or you can just learn how to use evade that can also be used by pressing 2 times fast in the same direction

@Jamesmor Well when I say the dodge button I actually meant to say the weapon action that blocks attacks (I know those aren't the same thing though. I got them mixed up when I replied). The sidestep/dodge I only use to get out of my Guilty Break without having to do the final 2 strikes so I can move around the map better. I have just always called it sidestep 'cause that's what the game calls it. And when taking damage from attacks, I've got the 12 Star Lightning Bolt Armor, 2088 HP (and could have 2295 HP if I changed my Skill Tree), and a weapon with S4: Lifesteal so I can usually recover most of the damage that I take during battle.

There is good news, Luther only does the time freeze attack twice, so if you break both of them, the rest is easy.

But yes, if you don't have a way to dodge the attack, spamming your movement breaks you out of the time freeze.

Well I'm starting to think that I must play this game completely different than every other person in existence. Either that, or everybody else is so set on their playstyle that they can't comprehend mine. 'Cause all I ever seem to get back after explaining my playstyle is "How are you playing the game like that and still doing all of these battles?". Or something to that effect anyway.

well knowing that you play with Hunter is now obvious why you use the sidestep to cancel skills combos that pretty much everyone does that and why you have difficulty in evading the time frozen attack, Hunter does make people get used to survive to stuff without relying too much in evade attacks or parry/block then also it takes time to get used to the timing of the evade to not be frozen so you have 2 options if you can't get the timing to evade.

  1. make sure you stay together with other players, more players in the same spot have a bigger chance to break the swords before the attack happens

  2. make yourself hard to kill, Hunter is one of those classes that can withstand Luther attack and survive without evading it.

Well I just tried an Omega Falz Luther battle using the block that you get as the Hunter Weapon Action and it screwed up my playstyle so much that I nearly died from one of his basic attacks. I know I'm not used to that playstyle but even so, it just didn't feel right to me. So thank you guys for trying to help me with this, but for now I'm just gonna stick with my regular playstyle.

Keyboard + WASD spam... wasdwasdwasdwasdwasdwasd (I don't use controller for this game, though I never really have with PSO games)

I have difficulty dodging it (with sidestep), though I do get it sometimes. Pay close attention to the ring on the blades; there's a point in which the time stop activates where you have to dodge it. You may not be able to dodge it the first few times, but it's important to keep note on those rings so you can time your dodge precisely. I don't add skill points to the sidestep invincibility frames (for most classes/subclasses).