suspended account

Please i need help. I really wanna get back on and play with my friends/family. I know what i did to have my account suspended please. There has to be a way for me to get my account back. SEGA im begging you please. Someone help

There's a support option that you can use to contact them about getting your ban appealed. If you've already tried that, then there's nothing you can do. I wish this wasn't my sixth time posting this:

  • Hover over SUPPORT at the top of this page.
  • Go down to CONTACT US
  • Click / Tap CONTACT US NOW
  • Login with Steam or Xbox (Which you used to login to the forums with anyway.)
  • Click / Tap "Submit a request" at the top of the page left of your avatar / username.

Specifically, you want this:

alt text

@coldreactive my apologies for this. every time I try and contact I provide them with me email, then I select CONTACT US NOW. then it brings me back to the home screen then I have to log back in and I have to restart the process. I have done this several time and I can never get to his page you are showing me.

Then it's not possible to contact them.

This has been discussed in a handful of other posts, but it seems that if you have been suspended, Sega isn't removing bans. Now, if you did something to break the rules of PSO2, then they really aren't going to remove the ban.