Recyclable Fresh Find Items

Every now and then Fresh Find items reappear, and you can't always remember what you have already. The Fresh Finds shop does not tell you when you already own an item or whether or not it is bound to your character or account. This has led to me wasting SG purchased with real cash on multiple occasions. I am sure that I can't be the only one. I have wasted plenty of money on this game; over $5,000. Afterward, a player is left with the choice of holding onto the item indefinitely or trashing it, as they aren't worth much to the NPC stores either. Whether it be a one-for-one swap for other SG items of equal value, recycling for SG tickets, or even another swap shop focused on Fresh Finds; there should be a means to mitigate players wasting money on Fresh Find items.

In the Fresh Finds, you can check if you have used ticket-based fashion items; there is a toggle prompt on the preview window that will switch over to the Item Details, which notes whether you have used it.

The only tickets you can't check are Lobby Actions since those don't have the same usage text.