Any chance we can get Fresh Finds stuff from the X-Box beta only days?

There's an outfit that I was really looking forward to getting, as it was the first outfit I'd ever gotten on the other server. But apparently I wasn't important enough because I don't have an Xbox, as the rotation was taken down mere days before the PC launch. And since those items are non-tradeable, it's not like I can just save up for it and buy it... I'm really left with no option here!

So, my whining aside - is there any chance the untradeable Fresh Finds stuff from the Xbox only days could be made available again, even if just briefly? I've been waiting for a long time checking the individual items every day with no luck, so I doubt they're going to appear there.

Judging by the fact that they added items from the initial Fresh Finds run in this last rotation, it is highly probable we will see those old ones come back.