So where's the Beast face SEGA?

New PSU set but I want the beast face and other stuff.

Optimistically, there is a chance we might see them in the daily rotation along with re-releases or recolors of the costumes that were part of the pre-PC SG sales.

It was from a pre-PC SG sale, so it might be a while until they do a rerun for it.

Polite detail to everyone characterising the pre-PC content revivals as something only I care about: Please notice, I did not start this topic.

I'd also like to note that others asked exactly the same thing in response to the Twitter announcement, before it caught my attention:

This is something several people want and have wanted for months. It would certainly be nice for it to happen!

This content came from SG Shop sales, but that is a dead sale format. There hasn't even been an SG Shop sale since the PC release in late May; the two PSU-themed ones were the last two that Global ever saw. So they probably need to come back in another guise and Fresh Finds would be ideal for that.

Specifically, for Phantasy Star Universe we have these two content packs to include:

That may seem like a lot of items in total, but with 6-7 cosmetic items per day over 14 days Fresh Finds in the period covered by these new recommended sets will have 84-98 daily slots with which to provide:

  • Ethan Replica (Outfit)
  • Ethan Hair
  • Karen Replica (Outfit)
  • Karen Hair
  • 246: Airboard
  • Tylor Replica M [Ou]
  • Tylor Replica M [Ba]
  • Tylor Replica F [Ou]
  • Tylor Scar
  • Tylor's Sunglasses
  • Tylor's Pendant
  • Beast Face M
  • Beast Face F

That's only 13 items so there's plenty of space. They'd probably do what they've done with the revival of the Gothic Maid Dress and ARKS Trainee M/F sets this cycle and put related items together in certain days. If I had to guess:

  • Ethan Replica and Ethan Hair on one day
  • Karen Replica and Karen Hair on another day
  • 246: Airboard either on its own or with the Ethan day
  • Tylor Replica M [Ou] and [Ba] on the same day
  • Beast Face M either on its own or with the Tylor Replica M day
  • Tylor Replica F [Ou] on its own
  • Beast Face F either on its own or with the Tylor Replica F day
  • Tylor Scar, Tylor's Sunglasses and Tylor's Pendant all together, either on their own or in both of the Tylor days for Tylor mega-days.

So that's at most 8 days and at minimum 4 days of the 14, which again means there's plenty of time for that too.

Perhaps there are two bigger hurdles to bringing SG Shop content back in Fresh Finds daily sales than the change in format:

  • The potential for upset it might cause people who bought the then expensive SG bundles for one part of them (e.g. if people wanted the Beast Face M and spent 785 SG on the bundle from May, they might be unhappy to see it reappear for 100 SG in November).

  • I'm not sure layered wear has ever been sold in Fresh Finds before? It seems to be used mostly for the oldest AC scratch content that was made before layered wear existed on JP. If that's correct, Tylor Replica being layered wear would be an exception to that setup.

To be blunt though I don't see why either should be that much of an issue.

Yeah dude. I hella want that hoverboard and beast face. There is no beast race in this game and this is the closest I can get to being what I want to be.

Wait a hoverboard!? Stupid question but where do you go to see the FF schedule?

@Milk said in So where's the Beast face SEGA?:

Wait a hoverboard!?

Ethan Waber's airboard, specifically. Its biggest role was to help introduce him to the story and players as an everyday loser who wipes out 38 seconds into his first appearance.


The emote itself allows travel, but it's slower than running speed. I expect once upon a time it was the same as running speed but after they upgraded it as part of a movement overhaul sometime around Episode 4/5 on JP they didn't upgrade the emote to match.

Probably the only other thing to comment about it is that its name has stayed consistent from Universe:



Oh god I need that. It’s gonna be slow as Sortie so I’m used to that. Don’t care, wannit!

@Milk said in So where's the Beast face SEGA?:

It’s gonna be slow as Sortie so I’m used to that.

Perhaps the biggest difference is you can steer Airboard.


Don’t remind me! I’d never walk again if didn’t bump into walls 😧 That settles it, hoverboard is new favorite.

I would give anything to see the tylor set show up again. I over slept by an hour and missed it. Hopefully they'll bring it back in some way with this next FF update since we don't seem to do SG sales anymore.

I miss PSU. =(

Ethan Weber is so gross.

So they've followed up their PSU pack announcement tweet to confirm that some of the above list is coming back in Fresh Finds daily sets:

  • Beast Face M and F
  • "Ethan's outfits"

Ethan only had one outfit in the previous SG Shop sales, so it's unclear if the latter was meant to mean Ethan's and Karen's outfits. I would expect that any outfits appearing in the daily listings will also contain the relevant hairstyle (e.g. Ethan Hair for Ethan Replica).

Beyond the potential for Karen's outfit to not be included, the tweet also makes no mention of Tylor's outfits and unisex accessories, or the Airboard emote. It would absolutely make the most sense for this revival to include everything, but between Mission Pass Season 5 and Throwback Collection we have two examples of incomplete revivals now, so I can't keep myself from being concerned until we see better.

I will actually cry if they choose not to bring back the tylor set. =(