So Gonna throw this up here , I started a laid back alliance , hard ta not call it a team

I dont mind if you are new , what time you play , Long as you do atleast some of the alliance COs

If you need help with somthin just ask , But I hate typin in game so would preffer if you have a MIC , its not a deal breaker just easire on an old man If your new thats fine , if your not thats fine aswell

I look forward to working with new and old players to build of the team room , and grow our tree , and stock our aliance shop

again it wont be a hardcore squad and I will help where i can in most aspects, and if you just need a place to get buffs i dont mind aswell , i understand the solo life enjoyment, But some of the benifits from alliance are worth the enrolment and participation

-Varic , the worst pick to a team

PS> But I'mma do it anyway