[SHIP 4] Community Discord Server (Over 1200 members!)

Ship 4 Multi-Alliance Community Discord Server

We have role selection, a scheduling bot for hosting events, affixing help, auction house, and much more!! There's plenty of players to group with, from the ultra-experienced to the complete newbies. Everyone here is quite friendly and is more than happy to answer any questions one may have, no matter how 'obvious' the answers may be. We've all been there once, let's help catch you up to speed!

There are still some folks running PSO2 Classic content, but most of us are going to continue being focused on NGS content. Grouping goes down in #lfg for both games.

The rules in this server are quite simple, all we ask is that people are not rude, being NSFW in any way, etc.

Grouping on Ship 4 these days just gets harder and harder, but I'm very proud to say that our more than 900 members have come together to create a very kind and welcoming community. Hopefully, you're inspired to join us too and help out! Hope to see some new faces around!

Did I mention that the server has special, unique roles for all of those who have cleared the hardest quests in PSO2 Classic? If you've cleared D999 Masq, D100 Sodam, S-Ranked HTPD, grinded Endless ... endlessly; show it off!

We have over 45 alliances enrolled and over 1200 members. We are sponsored by Phantasy Star Fleet as well (see #related-servers in PSF Server).

Permanent Invite Link : https://discord.gg/dEuqGVGdFh << Read #rules-and-roles. If you find it a bother to do some light reading, this is probably not the server for you.

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Bumping this!

We have folks from more than 10 other alliances already. If you find you have trouble grouping up for Triggers, finding people to run AQ's with you, or just need some questions answered... this is the place! Everyone who has joined so far is quite friendly, so I hope to see more kind faces around!

As always, feel free to spread the link to anyone else you think would be interested.

If the alliance you represent is not included in our existing lineup, let me know and I will make a corresponding role 🙂

Nearly at 20 other alliances! We'll be doing plenty of triggers over the next few days.

Bumping! Been great talking to the rest of Ship 4. All these Persona triggers are neat too

Bumping! Over 20 alliances here now, nice to see such a great turnout. Looking forward to seeing others from here too 🙂

New link! https://discord.gg/jPXtJmuEQg

Previous one hit its 100 uses.

Bump! About 25 alliances now. Growing steadily, hope to see more friendly faces 🙂

Bumping! New players are also welcome here if they wanna talk to any of the alliance leaders present.

Bumping! Nearly 300 strong now 😄

Bumping the post!

Join up! We've been running a lot of UH PD and Luther as of late.

Bump! Happy New Year all!

Bump! Join up, say hello, and start the group grind!

Bump! Over 300 members now, come join us 😄

Bump! Come on by and say hello