Speculation on episode 6?

They should give a little more detail then so instead of "maintenance " we have something to be excited about. lol

@Vexation They don't know how to give detail.

Apparently not. Fingers crossed for Prince's plan then.

we get the new schedule and persona UQ by next update, if we're going by the release sched of like ep 4->ep5 then we'll probly also get the ultimate quest and 15* then as well and then next maint after this one will be ep 6 part 1.

Yeah, Prince's plan seems like it makes sense. I didn't know there was another Ep5 Ult that needed to be released, so it'd make sense that's the content coming up after the Bewitched campaign ends, then we could get the Ep6 limited quest two weeks later and the episode 2 weeks after that.