will characters transfer over to NG

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new episodes(s)

iirc, NGS is in place of an "Episode 7." NGS takes place 1000 years after the events of Episode 6.

You're also going to lose it when you see the story of Episode 6.

Auxiliary's wont be apart of the NG series apparently, it also makes me wonder for those who put time and money into the game that it was nothing more then a waste of time. If the plan was to transfer over to NG then why not make it into NG to begin with and to not start over, sounds to me like they'er screwing players over especially if they're not going to start them where they left off

It's an eight year old game. Most series would opt to start everyone over with a new title - I think it's a nod to the player base to allow people to transfer over cosmetic, which is by far the main money grab of the game when you see some people spending hundreds each AC/SG scratch. They could have re-monetize everything and make people re-roll the same outfit on a new game - much like the outfits from previous Phantasy Star series currently in PSO2.

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@Weirdo Thanks.

PSO2 graphics update sounds so so sweet. It seems like they are still going to give love to PSO2 - perhaps they will even add new content and/or new episodes(s) in the future once we are caught up with JP (pure speculation)..?

I wouldn't really count on it much tbh, at least just based on this new info. As far as I know from the announcements they're not updating PSO2's graphics, so much as they're updating the graphics engine, because PSO2 and NGS are the same game and it makes more sense to only have one engine than to try to keep two up to date. Just like how you can have an oldstyle PSO2 model in NGS, I imagine that a lot of the old PSO2 content will still use the old models with the new engine and won't look particularly flashier or anything. You might get better lighting and particle effects, but I wouldn't expect, say, Luther or Magatsu to get a new model.

So it's not so much that they're giving love to PSO2 as they're doing what they have to do to get it compliant with NGS, and I don't think that really says much on whether or not they might eventually do new content in the future for PSO2. It's possible they start upgrading base PSO2 models too down the line, but I figure most of their resources right now are on making new stuff for NGS.