Please use an actual class setup in endgame

so i just did an apprentice UQ. almost everyone there was using a very unorthodox setup, which itself is not a problem. the problem is people are using setups that legitimately do little to no damage. I saw a fellow Katana braver... subbing Ranger, no bullet bow just watching him hit a crystal with Cherry Blossom finale for 10k a hit. He had similar gear with far better augments than me, hitting less than a 6th of my damage because he has no percent damage increase for melee in his sub. There was a summoner sub braver too, doing slightly better but still. I watched 5 people try to kill skeleton archers doing negative damage. 5 ppl on these mobs and they half lifed our turret, I walked over and killed them with one PA.

I see Hunters subbing braver to make there auto attacks do more damage, that's not how u play Hu, sub Fi, chain ur PAs. I see alot of BrFi setups for the fact that yes there's more damage but no survivability. If you're good enough to play this power to you, but you're a literal glass cannon, and i see all of you dead on the floor most runs.

This is a fun game, and it offers a lot of freedoms, however if your going into endgame content, with Falz Persona as well as episode 6 right around the corner, you should really bring a more stable set up. This game isn't like a traditional mmo where u need various roles filled in a raid like tank healer mage etc. You can play just about any class, with proper subcless, and your focus is basically just damage. Theres 1 techer theres your buffs, but mainly your job is damage. The way sega makes new content "harder" is almost always ridiculous HP increases. You NEED the damage to kill these mfs. Since joining this server at the start of episode 4 i've noticed a decline in the quality of mpas. They gave us a lot of strong weapons for the time so we breezed thru content, but things are getting tankier, and subbing something for a few specfic skills you like isn't gonna be as valuable as just subbing what's optimal. I've read a number of arguments saying things like, "Oh if i sub this i can use the techs etc. I can cast this from my sword!" That's all fine and good, but it's nowhere near as useful as u think. This game is a lot more focused on you playing ,eta and just learning your class. I'm no god at this game and no one's asking you to be, just do damage.

I struggled in my first Apprentice UQ too, we just weren’t doing enough damage. We still won but it got dicey. I didn’t check anyone’s gear, just noted how long it took to break crystals or kill mobs.

See I made the mistake of getting excited when I saw more Bravers, wanted to see what the homeboys were running. I regretted my decision. Usually I just check gear in in more time restricted content, i.e dragon rematch, if i see trash i'm leaving because i dont wanna be there 20 something minutes. Things like PD and Trick or treat are an easy faceroll tho so idc. But I'm legitimately worried about Persona and episode 6. There's going to be so many failed quests. I

That's the problem with pugging MPAs. You gonna have to come in with expectation to carry when you decide to pug. Your best solution is just run it with a pre made party with either alliancemates or with friends.

Yea that's what I've usually done, on JP I've played in a very end game focused team for years now, so a premade mpa was the regular. Even when pugging on JP we at least have the option of expert matching, which in all honesty doesn't work as well as intended sometimes. Regardless there was a lot less unorthadox setups, at least to my observation. I know this server is still newer, but there are guides available, I wish more people would read them. Sadly on NA my team isn't the most active lol. I've been frequenting a few discords and groups trying to find more people to regularly play with me and a few friends. I realize how much more of a try hard atmosphere jp was from the simple fact you could always find an organized mpa lol.

If you are on Ship 1 I'm more than happy to invite you over to our MPA when we don't fill with our alliancemates but yeah I know your pain. We not pro or sweats by any means but it's always a smoother experience with a premade team. Just don't beat yourself up for it because NA do have a lot of casual players and majority of them don't bother looking up guides or reading up the forums.

@Albedo Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but it sound like being casual is a bad thing. Yes, I don't bother to look up guides. I prefer learning on my own as I play, so I figure things out as I go and ask questions along the way while playing so I learn while doing. I want to play a build I'll enjoy to play, not what someone else tells me I should play.

@Frathlir no one is saying you shouldn't enjoy the game and take things slow. It's more a thing of this game has a lot of really specific and unique systems that it would be very beneficial to read up on especially because the game's tool tips don't tell you everything. It matters more at end game,i.e. XH and UH raid type content. Where you need everyone to be doing damage above all else.


Nothing wrong with that. Play what’s fun to you, you can pad out your build’s shortcomings with gear to an extent so it doesn’t matter if your build is meta or not, especially if you play casually. People just want to see people with up to date gear and actually doing something. I’ve seen a heck of a lot of undergeared autoattackers in SH lately.

@Albedo alas I'm on ship 3. I have a char on ship 1 but it isn't level and I'm prolly gonna get removed from my current team for inactivity lol. Not on bad terms or anything just been playing ship 3 w old friends and that's where I have my 14*s. I might level up there soon I'll prolly take you up on that

I've never seen this ammount of trash builds, and much less people being proud of those negative damage beasts they created.

The solution is, play with friend who you know won't troll it.

No problem Super. @Frathlir There's nothing wrong with being a casual. I was just referring to people that when they pug, they just need to have an expectations that the UQ may or may not be smooth. There's all types of casuals. It's great to try different build and see what works best for you that I totally agree. Just when a build does not work out, just be open to admit to yourself it's not working and try other builds.

Tbh as long as you go in there with +35 13* weapon and +10 11-12* units. You should be dealing ok damage as long as you stat your skill tree. It's an issue if people go in to lvl 80 UQs with 9*-12* ungrinded weapons and lower lvl units that makes the run more difficult. I personally wouldn't flame them for it though cause maybe they didn't have anyone guide them or something.

My 13* Vals are prolly considered undergeared but I was under the impression I did okay damage. I didn't know it was possible to do negative damage.

As long as they're +35 you're prolly doing alright hell 30

Only my Talis is +35 guns I don't use much they are +7 and my Sword is +14 on it's way to being 35 just haven't gotten it there yet. Don't wanna upgrade to Atlas though cause when episode six hits I've got my eyes on Phantom XD