Gale Febris Potentials

So, I'm not a fighter main. In fact, I'm pretty terrible at the class so I wanted something to help me not die as I leveled it to 90 since I'm using it as sub to Summoner until we get Ph at least. Thing is, I'm using a female newman as base character (because it's my tech classes character), and she's pretty squishy, so I wanted something to at least die less.

Browsing around, I found a very cheap (only 4 mill) Gale Febris double saber on the player market, so I bought it. Now I'm at that stage where I need to choose a potential for it. All three potentials do the same. Give HP recovery, some crit chance and some "potency". But each gives it's buffs at different ranges, from "very close range", "very medium range" (yes, it's written exactly as that) and "very long range". I just wanted to know if anybody had used this weapon, and which range they choose, or which would be the most effective to trigger.

Anyway thanks in advance for any answers.

@ZorokiHanuke I'm not an expert on this stuff yet, as I've been focused on level grinding and story, and usually right as I start working on weapons, new content drops, but to my knowledge as a fighter, and my use of double blades, close and medium ranges sound like they would make more sense, given that the weapon is mostly all close range attacks, with a medium range throw attack. Without knowing exactly what very close, medium or long means on the weapon, I can't say for certain, and I'd definitely recommend that you wait for some other replies before deciding. That or Google search a guide on weapons, as I'm certain there would be some out there already.

Just tested it out. Regardless of potential, the HP recovery is 1HP per hit.

Close Range requires you to be right on top of the enemy's hitbox, to the point where even being an Udon length's away will deactivate it.

Medium Range gives some more wiggle room, activating as far back as the full range of Turbine Toss and as close as an Udon's length.

Long Range is far enough away that Turbine Toss may not have enough range to activate it.

@AndrlCh So medium range is ideal Then?

@Anarchy-Marine Maybic. The thing is, with Doublesaber you want to be right in the enemy's face, but you do have some AoE on you thanks to your Whirlwind, assuming you have the Ring equipped. The whirlwind does mean that you can get multiple ticks of healing at a time through the Medium Range potential, but the fact that it is 1HP per hit means it is mostly for use in mobs; in the case of Bosses where you have to get right up on it, it becomes practically useless since both the damage increase and the healing stop working.

Personally, the conditional nature of the potentials with that low HP recovery just doesn't seem all that useful to me and a more powerful weapon in general might be a better option (since more power means things are too dead to attack you), but seeing as it is already purchased, then Medium Range is probably the best option of the three, though you could potentially argue for Close Range.

Thanks for the replies. Now, I mentioned healing, but I'm also worried about the potency and crit rate, which apparently come with the exact same requirements as the HP stuff. Also, if I activate it often, the 1HP would still be more than enough for me. I mean, yes, I feel I'm a very poor fighter (at least compared to me playing as bouncer), but that doesn't mean I haven't learned basic things about evasion that all classes use (there's also megiverse and even the healing ring, if I want to go overboard with it all).

So in the end, all I want is something to at least serve as a buffer while doing dailies and bonus stages since I won't be doing any urgent quests with this class. Maybe a witch forest run or two, where I will definitely need a good buffer. I think I can stick to close range since I usually go for close attacks when doing melee anyway (unless it's a hunter with crafted sacrifice bite) . I also do have the whirlwind ring. Useful for dot like damage.

EDIT: Update. Just tested this. As said, close range is pretty much face to face. Even the weapon's regular attack can out range it. BUT, I feel it's good as things like T-dance can proc it. As for survival, now I feel a tad dumb, since as of this latest test, I think I have underestimated my skills and my resource kit a bit.

I mean, I have both of the crafted PAs, meaning I have a strong long range hitter in t-dance, and a super defensive move in bale circle. I just got my whirlwind ring to level 19 (thanks Dudu for failing my last opal so now I have to wait for tomorrow to farm more). So now I'm pretty much using the 1 HP recovery as a guide to know if I'm hitting with the weapon potential. Also using my Su as a sub for this, I have good defensive stats and can use S-mark for an extra % to attack, plus access to techs. So yeah. I think this leveling will go smoother than I initially thought.

A thing to note with this series is that the distance for the potential is measured from the position of your character to where your damage numbers pop up on the part you are hitting and not the distance between you + the hitbox. Because of this, 'very close' range is basically useless since you tend to be too far to proc it most of the time even if you're hugging the mob.

As an example, hitting a Castle Demonica's core has the numbers show up right in the center of the core hitbox which is a pretty significant distance away from your character and that is 'medium' distance I think.

From what I remember (for dsaber specifically):

  • 'Very close' is effectively useless
  • 'Close' is ideal but the stronger version of the Gale weapons do not have it
  • 'Medium' can work sometimes particularly with Chaoslicer and Hurricane Hurl or with weirder hitboxes
  • 'Long' is crap

The weapon is not really worth using because of how restrictive it is a lot of the time.

@Neek Good info. I'll have to try it against stuff like castrum and larger bosses to see how it scores. I have already chosen "very close" so I'll have to live with it. So far it's working on regular mobs and the one or two bosses I tried it with. Again though, this is just to level the class and not for any serious goals. So even a 50% usefulness ratio may be good for me. Doubt I'll be touching this class for anything other than leveling it anyway, as the one weapon I wanted from it, twin daggers, feels so much different in this game compared to it's PSUniverse version (was one of my favorite weapons back there) that it got me seriously alienated.

@ZorokiHanuke You can swap between the potentials at any time at Dudu/Monica for a meseta fee and the total number of Photon Spheres it would take to unlock all three levels of it.

@AndrlCh Eh? I missed that bit. Guess I'm blinder than I thought. Guess some testing will be done soon.... when I can play again. Thanks for the tip.

Maybe try Nox Stucke its a gunblade (all classes) and has a life steal effect as its potential.

@Kris-Nutta11 I have one of those, and combined with crafted safoie it's a blast to play with. Though with what I'm doing now, I don't need that for survival anymore. In fact, I'm now having a better view of the double saber style and can do much better damage while being safer doing so.

I would suggest using the very medium range. Pretty good wep until you get a prim and proper 13-14*.

@Kurumi-Tokisaki Medium seems to work best for whirlwinds, as you can be a step or two away from the target. Meaning, it seems to be better for mobbing. As for bosses or weak point hitting, the very nature of the weapon pushes you inwards and into closer range, making range adjustments needed. At least from what I've been experiencing with it.

In the end, yes, this works more as a fighter training weapon rather than a keeper. There are much better weapons out there within reach.