Dodging Omega Apprentice's mega laser

So the new EQ, the low HP big laser Apprentice fires during the Luther-flight-phase, how do you dodge it? I think I have an idea, but I'd like to be sure.

I flew and doged up into the center, right as it expanded outward, I and one other survived. It was the only time I was able to pull it off, as my timing needs work. Considering its a new Urgent, I don't think anyone should expect to have it down pat100%.

So from my experience hang towards its outside because as it expands outward the one beam splits into into 5 smaller beams forming a circle You can dodge into it during that and I believe once its expands enough she does one more burst in the center so you're gonna have to get out of it

when she starts shooting it stay away from the center, after that when start expanding go to the center to not be hit, unless you are already in the outside area of the big ring in that case just stay there and nothing will hit you.

I hang to the outside, dodge into the center when it spreads enough, then I use the speed skill straight at her until I can't move forward anymore. I then hold auto attack and dodge forward to avoid the final burst, but usually just being as close to her as possible seems to be enough. Just don't be directly in the middle of the attack.

Taking notes because I just ate it. 😞 I find Luther hard to control for this fight.

A guide for basically the entire phase.

@Neek Dork Luther? Lmfao.

@Neek thank you for the guide.

@Neek said in Dodging Omega Apprentice's mega laser:

A guide for basically the entire phase.

Well made, thank you very much!