PSA: Don't Make Any Mistakes; Support is Inept and Incapable of Providing Assistance

I've decided to redact my issue in favor of stating simply that until anyone can prove otherwise, I presume support has access to nothing through which any actual assistance can be provided. Even if the error is caused by means of something not working correctly in the game, support will take no responsibility and will provide no help. In light of this, I would recommend against spending any money on any in-game items or services as these could be jeopardized at any time and we effectively do not have a support channel to resolve any issues encountered.



While it's not necessary to have a weapon maxed at +35 or with a cap at +35, it is recommended to do so since you won't be able to increase it unless you enhance with the same weapon or get one of those extremely expensive Enhance Cap+1 that need 300 class excubes.

From what I see you already have a Golem Bluffs maxed out, so in order to upgrade it you need to unequip it and it also has to be unlocked, you can't select it if the weapon is locked.

@Meikoloid Yeah. I figured that out. Check the next 2 messages. Its bad design requiring you to have the weapon unlocked. I lock them to make sure I won't make a mistake. This just turned that on its head and caused a mistake.

Certainly they could have worded it alongside the requirement. I suppose they are treated as any other shop menu where it doesn't let use locked items, making it am exception would be nice.

On the topic of menus, the Pet Supply Shop is also rather sluggish. You can only buy an item one by one instead of using whatever you have available to do so. I need the ★12 EXP Eggs to level up my pets when I'm not playing Summoner, and since Lv +100 Pets gain miserable quantities of EXP, I need to buy a lot, and it gets tedious very fast.

@Meikoloid Yeah. It caught me entirely off guard. In the enhancing menu, dismantling, everywhere I can think of, you can see locked items, it just throws an error if you try to use them. What sense does it make that Zig's menu is different?

I can relate to that pet supply shop issue too. Why wouldn't you want people to buy more than one egg at a time?



I don't think the support team is actually capable of doing anything.

is not that the support can't do anything and more that they won't do anything when the cause is the player actions, they will act only when the cause is related to their side like having your character stuck in a place and doesn't matter what you do it won't get out of there or a item you removed still appears in your inventory, those are the moments that they will act.

@Jamesmor If something in the game is hot garbage and leads to error, that's on them.