i lost my weapons

hi i was wondering if is possible to get my weapons back i went to the restroom and my little cousin decided do sell my stuff when i was a diff class now im a hero with no weapons is there anyway to get them back i tried buying it back but it was no where

Other than a ticket to support, I doubt the game has any mechanism other than the little window offered by buy back. If that window is gone, it's gone seemingly forever. Next time, lock your account if you live with people who will do damage to it, like kids and trollish relatives. Because even a restroom trip can prove fatal to the data there. Always close it and have it require a password at all times. It's a hassle but it's more secure.

Windows Key + L

is your friend. if playing on console, just hold the Xbox button and choose to make the console go to sleep or exit the app.

@ZorokiHanuke yeah ur right also how to i get the ticket

I wish this wasn't my fifth time posting this:

  • Hover over SUPPORT at the top of this page.
  • Go down to CONTACT US
  • Click / Tap CONTACT US NOW
  • Login with Steam or Xbox (Which you used to login to the forums with anyway.)
  • Click / Tap "Submit a request" at the top of the page left of your avatar / username.

From personal experience. Around 3 months ago I sent a support ticket about 2 AC Scratch Tickets that disappeared from my storage, after like a month or so they answered my email and told me that I actually sold them to an NPC (I don't remember this, but I have a really bad memory so it's probably true) and because of that, they couldn't reinstate those items. I doubt that you will recover those weapons, but you should still try and see what happens, you won't lose anything else that wasn't already lost anyway.

Pro Tip: Always lock the weapons you always use.