Could this be a Bug?

So over the course of the last update I have noticed Something that has never happened before: The Automatic depletion of Healing items. Unless there is a setting that I need to check or Un-check that stops that from doing it, Otherwise- While one would buy Dimates and trimates and carry a good amount of them , Especially in the Harder to Super hard and even Extra Hard areas to adventure, I notice that there is a slow depletion of said item, i would start at the gateway ship with 10, and 5 moons, so - By the time I am adventuring in , For Example : Bewitched woods and after an hour or so of play, I noticed that I am suddenly down to 0? What is going on here? Is this by chance something that I may have overlooked? Or is this some sort of new mechanic that is being introduced as Part of the challenge.?

Do you use a class with auto-mate?

As posted above. Some classes have auto mate at certain HP thresholds. Bewitched forest, no matter how good one can be, is a place where you will get hit rather hard and reach those thresholds easily. Perhaps you picked the skill long ago and forgot about it?

You're auto-mating, you have hunter main or sub?

@HarmlessSyan said in Could this be a Bug?:

You're auto-mating, you have hunter main or sub?

Uh.. Maybe ? I Main Ranger / Sub Hunter. The problem is, I am no where near low health and stil it somehow gets depleted?

@DDDDLife then probably it's your Auto-mate Half (halfline) skill firing off. Assuming it's capped - everytime your HP goes below 50% - it's going to use your lowest -mate item. Monomate > Dimate > Trimate until it's all gone.

Yeah, keep in mind auto-mate is instantaneous so oftentimes if a boss hits you for 60% of your health when you're at max, you won't even notice it and you might just see your health bar get docked to 80% or something. If you're paying attention though you can see the color change of the health bar being re-filled, so from 40->80% it'd be slightly colored differently for a brief moment.

Yup your hunter class is using it's Auto Mate cause you're being hit really hard. It's refills almost instantly so you wouldn't even notice unless you were keeping an eagle eye on your health bar to see the color change a little bit. Make sure you keep a full stack of 10 of each Mono, Dia, and Trimates and no harm in going back to the gateway ship to get more ever so often.

OH.. thank you .. I wasnt sure what was going on. ❤

I guess it's also worth mentioning that automate only triggers when your HP passes the threshold (50% for hunter), not for attacks that hurt you while you're already under the threshold. It'll always use monomates first, then di then trimates, so if you have monomates in your inv it's totally possible for an attack to take you to like 5% HP or something, trigger a monomate that doesn't actually make you reach 50% HP, and then puts you in a state where the next big attack that comes to whack you won't get automate'd in response.

So unless you think automate will trigger more than 20 times in your UQ/expedition/whatever, it's sometimes safer to only stock on di+trimates if you're facing a boss that does big hard attacks instead of a bunch of tiny ones, to make sure the -mate kicks you back above the 50% threshold.

Most anything in Witch forest XH has the potential to gang rape you in an instant anyway, so it's common to see things like auto -mate and iron will proc'ing constantly. Not really much to do there as mobs and bosses all come in large groups that love to overwhelm. Then there are those damned griffins.... My Bo HU doesn't have auto mate. Only iron will. After I switched out of fornis, I now trust my HP needs to my ability to throw megiverse and ACTUALLY hitting something while at it. OR if all else fails, hope for iron will to not fall into it's bad 25%.