Many items missing in product search (shop)

There are many items missing in the product search (shop) right now. Example, Fairy wings, fairy wings B. They were searchable before.

Please investigate.

The top search button only searches a cache system for completion of partial matches to utilize in the lower search button. If you search for the full name and use the bottom search button, the results will show (unless none are up for sale.)

The top right search boxes are for augments only, and don't search for items.

@coldreactive I know all about this. These items were usually findable in previous days ago. But now, it is just like never exists!

I've also had this problem ever since I started playing, I can't even find accessories/cosmetics that I have equipped while searching for them. I tried sending multiple tickets with video evidence but no response...

As coldreactive was saying, yeah the search results for that top search button only stores item name predictions for so long after their release before it deletes them. I honestly don't know why, since simply storing the names of items shouldn't take up that much data, so I don't see the reason for it to work this way.

But if you enter the exact name and use the bottom search button, then it will still show the items, and temporarily add them back to the item name predictions for you. But yeah I really think they should change this and store every single item in the game in search predictions.

There used to be a website to search the player market that you could find every item by search prediction. But that hasn't been updated in a while. So it's harder to find items if you don't know their exact name.

Why can't we just do a partial search? Why do we need the full item name with the actual search?