[Ship 3] Deus Esca Trigger Farming for Rappy Egg (November 2nd, 2020)

I have about 4 or so Deus Esca Triggers. I currently have one up now actually. But I have to go in an hour. I advertised it on block 1, but Omega Luther was up, and I really don't care for it, plus I don't have much time before I go. I whispered to a couple people but they were either too busy (to even advertise) or AFK. So I'm advertising this here instead.

Since I'm already in the teleporter room for it, leaving will just make it so I lose my Trigger item. Once I leave in an hour, I won't be back until about 12 PM Central US Time to do more, if I'm up for it. I've missed pretty much every other PSO2 Day thus far, because I've been too busy. But now it looks like everyone ELSE is too busy.

I will be replying to this thread when the trigger is closed (Meaning I lost the trigger with no one to come) / completed.

The first trigger has been completed.

Now that I'm back, I will be posting a few on Ship 3 here and there.