Question about linked account with steam

i linked my windows store account with my steam account - now i must re installing my windows and installing pso2 again from steam and start it but now it ask me to link account - my question is , is my windows account forever linked with my steam account or i MUST do it again ? i dont want lost my account or something <.<

See this if you havent : You log into the game and get the CODE, open PSO2 on the platform you want and enter the CODE and your account is linked. Your account is forever linked, theres a giant warning message that explains everything. You dont have to do it again once you activate the CODE its linked on both platforms.

what you are seeing there is related to the local files, when you install PSO2 it will generate some local files, however you cleaned up all files when you formated the disk for putting Windows back, after you log in to the servers those files will be created and your characters data will be collected so that link the account will not appear anymore