Bought AC on steam and don't show up on my acc

Basicaly the title says everything any help ?

First purchase may take a while to register. On Steam, I think it may take 24 hours or so. Maybe more. Contact support after 48 hours. Save any emails you may have obtained from the transaction.

@ZorokiHanuke tnx but i only got the ac for the sale so ..

Here's the note from the AC Steam shop page.

It may take up to 24 hours for the product to be reflected upon your first billed purchase. If over 48 hours have passed and the product has still not been reflected, please contact us through the Phantasy Star Online 2 Official Website

The sale ends on the 4th, you’ll have your AC by then.

@Riesz I buy AC and ragol packs and the other things always with the game open and have never had issues. It takes like 20 seconds after the purchase and then it appears at the visiphone or my AC balance.