Not receiving Collection folder items.

My character is on ship 3. I finished the requirements needed for getting the Val Victo partisan from the collection folder that also included the Kaiser Falx weapon. Im 100% positive my inventory was full from finishing the new Omega Dark Luther UQ. I looked everywhere. They weren't in any of my inventories or temporary storage. The folder is reading 100% but NOT saying its completed. It won't let me dismiss or reclaim w/ star gems. Its just sitting there and i can't do anything but click on confirm and see the 100% gauge. Im playing on Xbox 1. Idk what to do 😕

When a collection becomes 100% it either drops directly to inventory or you need to get a specific boss or quest that would normally drop it. The Collection Folders actually raise the drop rate of an item to 100% in a sense. Because it won't drop the item in a quest that has a 0% chance of it dropping.

Expeditions usually drop everything that can be collection filed, even if it normally only drops a lower rarity of said item.

when the collection hits 100% you only gonna get the item the next time you fight against a enemy that is counted to that collection, Val weapons counts only with Supernatural enemies so you gonna need to kill one for then to drop.

I think yall were both right. The very next Buster UQ I got my goodies dropped directly to my inventory w/ the notification of having received it. Ty guys ^^