The Heavy Burden Of a Guild Leader.

There may have been a similar post of the Subject, But I wanted to post my own perspective and Experience in being a Guild leader. The question has crossed my mind many times, Where I should just venture forth and Create my own guild, But - What would I name it? It would have to be something catchy, something clever.

Well, Let me share with you an experience I had with another MMO , I'm going to say almost 10 Years ago. It's Like any MMO that you would expect online, You have eager players than want to partake in the adventure. Even better still, there were those that created a Guild- Straight-A-away and made themselves be known to anyone who wanted to joim.

The Thing is, Trying to entice players to Stay in your guild , Wasn't just a matter of just pure loyalty, It was based purely on your Own presence, wether or not you were active and wether you offered any incentive. Let alone trying to set-up the Hierarchy, where you could finally take a breather and not be online most of the time. It was wonderful from the very start , I had a near to capacity guild that was always eager to run expeditions per my request. To summarize, I had set-up a system of Guildmates that could run everything in the game:

I had players that managed all market and shop details and managed the maximum amount of in-game currency that we could possibly get. I had also set-up RUNNERS, that were available to procure any neccessary common materials, That were stockpiled within the guilds storage.

Our system was so effecient that I was able to maintain a Thriving guild at capacity , Not to mention those that were so eager to join, that were all on a watiing. list. Since our guild was so effecient I managed Regular Giveaways of items that were often bought with real world currency. To the point were we had everything, If something New came out , we all had it ( All 500 of us. !)

Desptie all of this one would think that players would never leave the guild that you created, Right? .................Wrong.

Mind you, this took up most of time online, Im going to be honest , Running and maintaining a Guild is trememdous work and if you are not careful you can and will be jaded for a very very long time.

I co-founded a guild on another MMO and we did the same thing. We each had our jobs, I was the gatherer for rare materials and we had the best crafting facilities. We had everything, location, funds, social network and a charismatic leader who kept on top of everything with spreadsheets.

We came to the same conclusion as you.

You can’t make people stay and you can’t take it personally when they leave. People have their reasons for moving on and it used to bum us out in the beginning. The core group always stayed and the members came and went, then we would meet some new faces and the cycle continued.

Running a large guild is hard, we started to treat it like a job. In the end it was a lot of stress and we were happier as a smaller guild. We’re not jaded but it just wasn’t for us.

There was a point were I had other "Trusted" members that there were "THERE" , to oversee guild activties., But As I became more and more absent , It was apparent to them , That I some point I may had to take a Long Hiatus. In the same similar scenario, Some poeple took that very personal in sense to where they handed the Guild over to another person who would run it, But still maintained owership and somehow believed that they could attain that ownership at any time whenever they wanted to.