[SHIP 4] Midnight Revive Is In Full Recruit Mode

As leader of Ship 4's Midnight Revive, I've finally open it up for recruitment again. I wanted to get our base officers up there in levels and gear beforehand. We currently run on CST and EST time zones but we're open to anyone. Most players come on about 4EST and are active until 1am. We're really easy going, have our own discord server that also supports other multiplayer games. New players to Endless Quest players are all welcome. We want to build the alliance quickly.

That said we do ask that everyone be respectful and keep the drama contained.

Hi! I’m looking for an alliance to join and am a relatively new player. I played PSO on the game cube years back so I have a little knowledge but lost a lot of it. Have been playing pso2 for just about a week now and understand the basics. I’m in NY so I’m on EST time and tend to play from about 4:30-5:30 when I get home from work and then hop back on later on for a couple hours around 9ish if I can.

Good day! I hope there is still a slot.