Make completion of Higher Difficulty Levels, also complete all difficulties lower than that

I see that they have already done this with Story Quests, making it so that, if you complete the Hardcore version, the Casual difficulty will also be counted as completed. I'm a completionist type of player, so I usually like to 100% all games that I play. This would make my life so much easier, instead of spending the monotonous 5 extra hours doing the Normal and Hard difficulties over and over for all ARKs, and Expeditions, instead when I can just do the Super Hard difficulty for each one 1 time, and not have to spend the extra hours without getting much from the easier difficulties.

I hope this really does come into the game, since it's already been done with Story Quests (Hardcore+Casual), I see no reason why it can't be done for all other quests on Super Hard.

Please do this, also add the clear marker on the upper levels of the quest menu when they've all been completed, like in this mockup. And, of course apply it to any other categories that have had all their quests completed.

Note: I originally took these screenshots a while ago, so it is missing a bunch of quest that we have now, but should still serve as an adequate example.


@Home-Rowed Perfect example

Doesn't make sense. For one, in some content the SH is actually harder than the XH (Luther). Inversely, different mob pools/ spawn on the different difficulties providing a different experience depending on the mode you choose to take it on. If you want to be a completionist just buckle in for the long haul.