Game Doesn't See Controller

I've been using an XBox 360 controller for a few months with no issues. Unplugged it to clean my desk, plugged it back in to the same port, now the game doesn't recognize it. Confirmed its working in the Windows config. Steam sees it and has it configured for use. It works as expected in other games. Verified files, restarted Steam, performed reboot, I'm still dead in the water. The character movement w/ keyboard is jank, so not doing that. Anybody else run into this arbitrary issue? Any productive advice is welcome.

that is a Windows issue, the controller is being recognized in second slot normally restarting Windows fix that but you can just remove the drivers and install it again when restarting the system doesn't work

@Jamesmor You actually being helpful or are you just following me around being a troll? I appreciate it if you're being helpful, but you were just a troll in another thread, so I don't know if I can take you seriously.

@Jamesmor I'm hesitant to call it a Windows issue when I tried a number of other games and they were all able to handle it. Smells like an old software having trouble keeping up with the times issue. But, that's not really important. It explains the issue either way, so that's helpful.

I'd already power cycled, so that was out. Tried the thing with the drivers and that was a no go. Removed the drivers, then performed another reboot, then plugged it back in, now we're cooking with gas. So that works! Sincerely, thank you for your help.