Help with player market

Hi there! I have just started to play PSO2 about 5-6 days ago and I LOVE in game economies, I was immediately addicted to this game when I saw that I could be a part of it. I am trying to find a target market so I can grind towards that market and set a goal. For now, I’ve just been selling photon spheres and 13 star items that I get from ex-cubes as well as drops from quests. I’ve researched the prices on all ex-cube items to ensure that I get the highest valued item. So far, those have been selling decent for me but the grind for them is just so slow. I need to find a way to make better flips and going after one market. I also need to know if that is not a good strategy in PSO2 and a more broad market strategy is more likely to bring in more meseta. I really just need a mentor in all of this. I am eager to learn the ways of the market. So far, I have made about 30m-40m meseta. I have one class as braver at 76 and a hunter at 56, I just switched to hunter main. I saw that having 2-3 characters on one ship can help you bank even more meseta but id mainly like to focus on the market rather than purely grinding even though I know that grinding will be required. Any help would be greatly appreciated and if someone would help mentor me I would love you forever! I catch on very quick so please feel free to share any advice about running a player shop.

@FMJustin Just a word of advice about offering to give a marketplace expert some meseta as compensation, don't, as you may get your account falsely flagged, as those Meseta RMT scam bots are using the market for just that. Both the buyer and seller of meseta get flagged it seems, as the buyer sells a cheap item for well over the markets value, and then the meseta farmer buys it. There's a bunch of other questionable things happening in that market, so it's best to avoid transactions like that for right now.

Just ask for advice, and someone might be willing to give you some pointers, or not considering that you are technically their competition. Sad to say, some players aren't playing the game for what it was meant to be played for, and instead are making the market their game, and as such market prices are heavily inflated, which is partially why those bots keep getting desperate fools that are willing to spend money on an obvious scam. A scam that's only hurting the longevity of the game.

@Anarchy-Marine @Anarchy-Marine ok, thank you! I did not know that. I did see something about RMT’s when I first downloaded the game but I didn’t know that it was that big of an issue. I figured it was just saying to watch out for scams or something. Good to know. Hopefully someone will drop by with some advice. Im going to edit that out of my post if I can.

@FMJustin No worries, you were just looking to compensate a player for the help, but sadly gold farmers are a big issue on most MMO's, and they are a large reason why we can't have nice things. Well that and afk players on urgent quests, lol.