PSA: If you're not from the US - You cannot purchase anything on the MS Store - You are Region Blocked

You must buy US Gift Cards.

Good luck with that - You can't buy them from the MS Store either.

Would like a working method, Please can we get a GM response.

As of right now

There is no working methods. We're back to square one exactly like JP. Second Class Citizens.

@PhalinRed I get you are upset but lets not give up hope yet, there is still time, we might be able to find a working solution.

you can set your xbox to US and buy a US xbox Gift card and then you can buy it.

i can not see this on the xbox where can i find the xbox gift card on the xbox?

You need to buy them from an online retailer like Play-Asia. There would be no reason to buy a gift card through the system itself.

@DimWheel7874 @PhalinRed


I got it to work finally, sorry it took me so long to get back to this post, I will tell you how I did it.

Goto the following page for the item you want:

(Make sure you are on the United States Webpage for the item)

PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 -SONIC Collaboration Edition-


Add the item you want to the basket, and head to the check out.


If you get this screen then congratulations you can goto the next step, however if you are getting asked about your address you need to remove whatever payment option you might have tried to link to your microsoft account under your account settings (you might have accidently tried to link paypal for example and it will continue to ask for an address until you remove it.)

Okay so you made it to the final step, if you want a gift card you will have to goto a 3rd party Website in a new tab or window.(I used CD Keys)

Select the region to United States to select the $USD currency

When I did it I could only buy up to 5 at a time and there were only $10 Denominations left, when you buy the code you get the codes in email like below.. codes.jpeg

I then used the codes i recieved in the email at the checkout on the Microsoft Store Page agaisnt my purchase until I had enough to complete the purchase.

Once purchased you will instantly recieve the items, goto the Visiphone thing in the lobby. Recieve Campaign Items > Purchase / Recieve Benefits

Your items will be there waiting for you, hope this helps any other people outside the USA.

I just want to say again, CDKeys are sold out right now, You will have to wait until they resupply $USD denominations.

I would only choose CDKeys as I trust them, I would not trust any other 3rd party sellers and you do so at your own risk.


This is pretty much what people had to do on the JP Version of the game. We are back to square one.

Nothing has changed.

Yea, Im rather dissapointed too, but so long as I have a working method it doesnt bother me that much, would rather do it officially through official means.

Was shocked I couldnt buy gift cards digitally from USA really doesnt like outsiders.

No offence, but it's a North American beta, what were you expecting? We're lucky we're not getting kicked out based on region.

Maybe I will care once PSO2es releases and lets me pay without that much trouble, just like in JP.

There is another thread similar to this that seems to have found an easier work around.

@GM-Deynger Can you please link it? I can't find it? or PM me the link.

@PennilessImp749 said in PSA: If you're not from the US - You cannot purchase anything on the MS Store - You are Region Blocked:

@GM-Deynger Can you please link it? I can't find it? or PM me the link.

You can change your address to a US address. Such as a University's mail service, admissions office, US Postal Service office or government building:

Digital purchases will never send a snail mail receipt, so using them isn't going to get you in trouble.