Question on E-Code Attack

I have an interesting question on the Emergency Code: Attack, mainly when a player's auxiliary pops up in it.

Does everyone in the area see the same auxiliary, or do they see their own?

I'm only asking this because I had one of these come up near another player, but it was my auxiliary that needed the help (Hard to miss a cute fox girl wearing a blue Alma outfit).

The auxiliary that appears can be any of your characters' auxiliaries on the same account, and it can also end up being your friends' auxiliaries. I've had people on my friends list see my auxiliary sometimes.

it can be any auxiliary known in your account that applies to anyone in the same block doing the same quest, however if you are alone and the EC starts where you are the chances of being your own is bigger but I had some rare ocassions of finding the auxiliary of another person in the same block

I'm usually the only one in the instance when this EC comes up and its either one of the NPCs or my auxiliary, That is not what the question is though.

I was wondering if the other person saw my auxiliary when the EC triggered since we were in the same area and they had a Code: Duel in that spot, while I had the Code: Attack. We both assisted each other in that double EC, it just made me wonder what they saw.

I had one of my friends in my party, and an Emergency Code attack with my Auxiliary occurred. When I asked them if they saw my auxiliary, they said they weren't paying attention at all. So I can't tell you, sorry.

The only thing I can tell you is what I've already told you.

To answer from my experience, yes. If your aux shows up, others will see your aux. I've seen the auxiliaries of others when the player who owns them are in the same place as me. This was also common when doing Ultimate Forest, where the 'defend auxiliary' EC happens often.

I bet that is fun to see, and thanks for finding that info out.

Me and the Missus play next to each other and can confirm that we both see the same auxillary. We are in party together though so can't say for randoms in the same level .

I saw a randoms person's a few days ago, so I can confirm that you can see others' that aren't in your party.

I was playing tokyo today and me bot came up for E code. Thre was one other guy there so I asked him the name of the bot. He confirmed it was my bot and we were not in party so YES we all see the same one.

Auxiliaries and guest characters (for Emergency Code: Unite) are the same for all players so you will be able to see each others' characters when this Emergency Code pops up. Similarly depending on the personality and the gear of your Auxiliary their stats and their performance may vary as well as you often can encounter some partners who are extremely squishy you may have to be careful about or you might encounter some partners who are very self-sufficient in some of these encounters.

I have actually seen the auxiliaries of random players who wound up in the same instance as me, it was kind of funny.

As with my auxiliary, she is at the point that if she is not following me on a mission, she will pop-up quite often as an E-Code Attack, good thing I have her well geared up and the right personality class/sub-class combination. Its fun having a Force/Techter that heal and buff spams while still able to actively attack what ever is showing up.

If anyone on ship 4 sees a fox girl auxiliary wearing a blue Alma outfit as an E-Code, its mine or you may see her following me keeping mobs off while I harvest and fish, feel free to make comments. (Too bad we can't add auxiliaries to look books along side our main characters)

Also to note, there is also the "Emergency Code: Clone" that can show up where you meet players who were abducted (any attempt at a Time Attack that ends up crash-landing elsewhere such as Harkotan) and have to fight them. The players you encounter are very much like the partner cards including the auto-words.

@VanillaLucia Just how rare is it to get "Emergency Code: Clone" anyways? I have only gotten it once outside of the story.

@Weirdo said in Question on E-Code Attack:

@VanillaLucia Just how rare is it to get "Emergency Code: Clone" anyways? I have only gotten it once outside of the story.

I recall seeing it every now and then during Advance Quests but I have not seen it that often outside of Super Hard Advance Quests.