25000 vs 250000 vs ??????? Damage Outputs - How?!

Hola All,

I've read the forums for a while. Search and read for all variations of damage this and perfect attack that. What is it essentially that makes the difference between being able to do as the subject of this thread query suggests. 25000-50000 vs 250000-500000 vs even higher crazy af amounts. What really got me actively wanting to figure this piece out was seeing a Potential desc. where it gave a +1/50000dmg. And I'm like. On my best day I might be close to 50k damage on a hit. And generally I'm pretty decent with catching the perfect attack/defend etc. red ring.

It feels like there is a more protracted formula of valuations and percentages across character, equipment, etc. that I'm missing. The basics I feel I get reasonably. Matching Elemental Weaknesses to as much of 12-13*+ Weapons, Units, etc. as you can. Affixing as high tiered relevant stat increasing augments etc. to weapons/units. +35'ing the weapon. Rings. Nested Rings in 12* and up Units. Etc.

Curious if there is something simple in front of me so to speak that I might be missing.

Thank you.

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to reach high damage is kind of complex because it involves the class/subclass, gear, weapon, element weakness of the target, affixes and much other stuff, also damage is affected to which point of the enemy you hit so if you hit a critical point your damage will always gonna be higher than a normal part

Posting screenshots of your gear and skill tree would be a good start