Website suggestion: Separate FUN Scratch pages again!

Starting with the Designer Dreams AC scratch in early September, the details of FUN scratches have always been lumped in with an AC scratch that starts at the same time.

This happens even when the FUN scratch has a different end time, making it harder for users to keep track of the FUN rotation as they not only need to scroll down on the AC scratch page containing the latest FUN scratch but they also need to find the page with the latest FUN scratch in the first place by blindly clicking back through AC scratch pages.

This is a direct worsening of ability to navigate the website for information, and makes it harder to cross-reference FUN scratch details from forums and wikis because those AC scratch pages also appear to have no anchor to the FUN section of the page.

Additionally, the fact that FUN scratches are now hidden from the Scratch Tickets section of the website means the only listings to be posted are for AC and SG scratches which are seen as monetised. To a prospective user this may make it seem as though the game is more monetised and turn them away.

I would like to see FUN scratches get dedicated pages again to enable easier navigation and referencing. At a cost of 3 pages per month it should not result in the kind of volume that has more justifiably caused campaigns to be grouped up into periodic pages in the Announcements section.

I agree with this!

I also wanted to add that it'd be nice to see all the FUN Scratch stuff shown-- a lot of the furniture just gets thrown into a text list and I'd love to have a proper preview.