Anyone playing God Eater 3?

I'm a bit confused by the controls, I should probably give a PC guide for Xbox controller a thorough look. I rarely even hold a controller in my hands, so it takes getting used to when I dust it off for this kind of game again.

I do like what I see so far, although I think the first few tutorial missions (Before the Ash Storm) were a bit -TOO- easy, the Arigami barely had any HP so they kinda died even before I figured out how to do the special moves and Devour.

God Eater was always like that, the tutorial stages are easy just to learn the commands but you will only learn how to use all mechanics when you face the first big Aragami that requires to break his parts in order to kill him, still I wish they bring back the devour styles back, they have were really useful in God Eater Resurrection.

God Eater 3 is not that hard compared to the previous entries so take your time to learn how to use the devouring bonus and bullets, also don't stick with 1 kind of weapon, Aragamis have different weakness and you should always exploit their weaknesses.

The ray gun is pretty nice, but why can't I have my blast gun. Also I have been switching between 3 and Resurrection.

I heard the blast gun was too OP and was removed becuase no one used anything else, kinda silly if it was that strong why not just nerf it a bit?

I've played about 18 hours worth now, I'm getting better at controls, defeated a bunch of Ash Arigami (dodging the devour is an adventure)

Also I've learned to take advantage of enemy burst mode if it does happen, it exposes one small very potent weak spot not normally avaliable, I like to hit that with the sniper cannon.

my favorite God Arc types are the short and long blades and the lance, I have different elements of each for different weaknesses.

Well blast gun could store 9 extra level of OP.