(SHIP 1) Hosting a Halloween Event on 10/31. Open to all!

Greetings everyone!

On the behalf of my Alliance, I would like to invite you all to a little community in game Trick or Treating! (Not to be confused with the Urgent Quest) pso20201027_054438_048.jpg

Though Covid might have stopped most of us from going out and getting treats, that doesnt mean we cant get our treats in PSO2!

TLDR: Everyone packs a capsule machine with what ever they want, set it to 1000 meseta, then we all group up and go room by room getting our treats!

When: Halloween afternoon(10/31/20) 12PM PST/3PM EST/9PM CEST.

Where: Ship 1, Block 4, Franca's Cafe near the pools.

Heres how it works:

  • Leave your Player ID name if you would like to have your room featured in the Master List to visit

  • Place a Photon Capsule Machine in your room filled with 30 items of your choice and set to the minimum price (1000 meseta) (I would recommend you lock your room until it your turn to have your room visited so no one can come in and clear our your Capsule Machine)

  • We the time comes, we will first gather at Block 4 cafe, then ill tell everyone what room to visit from our master list. Then we make our way together as a group to get our treat!

  • Each person will have one turn at the Capsule Machine! Please follow the honor system and dont take more than one!

  • We will also be running Trick or Treat triggers afterwards with a small group!

So far we have around 10 rooms in the master list. We would love to have more rooms included! More treats for all!

Heres a sneak peek of what to expect from my Capsule Machine!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask here.

Or you can join my Alliance discord chat as we have a dedicated channel for this event thats open to all

Thank you all and have a safe and happy Halloween! 🖤

Sound like fun! Thank you!

What a great idea! Unfortunately im on ship 3.

I wish you guys were on my ship, this looks like a lot of fun. I recently transferred my ship 1 character so I can’t participate either. I hope it’s a big success though!

@RainGnyu Did you want your room to be part of the list?

@Scerms77 @Milk Now i wish i threw this idea out sooner so maybe a group from your guys ships could do something similar 😞

That being said, I wish more people we're more into being involved in this types of community events. Been a rough time trying to get people to sign up but thankfully ive gotten quite a few rooms to be part of the list!