[SOLVED]Looking for Emilia Replica Set[Ship 1]

This set was added on June 9th on the Fresh Finds Shop and now I can't find it anywhere. I don't know how this buying thing works, I know real world money isn't allow so do I offer meseta for it? I'll offer 40 million meseta or trade you it for any outfit/emote you want. Btw I'm talking about Emilia from Phantasy Star Portable 2 not RE:Zero. I'm also looking for her hair and Emelia's voice, if anyone has anything like these then let's come up with an offer. My hopes for getting these is really low😞le iamge.jpg

Fresh find Items cant be trades or sold. Period. And voice tickets have yet to be added to Global. So you're kind of out of luck buddy.

@Thedovahmon Thanks for the quick reply, I wonder if this outfit is still in the fresh finds but I'd have to be lucky one day to find it there🤷. If not then I can say good bye to making a lookalike Emilia character

@ramzi0500 plz check todays fresh find

Yep I bought the whole set, best day ever.

grats ^^

=D, also just noticed her left hand dissapeared lmao pso20201118_163938_002.jpg

@ramzi0500 pso20201120_000149_000_2.jpg same angle ^^