Sound issue with headphones

Hello all.

I'm having an issue with my sound that I've not seen covered elsewhere.

I'm on Steam, and am using Sony bluetooth headphones. When booting the game, with the headphones on, sound works fine until I select "Play Game" at the character selection screen, at which point all computer sound stops. If I turn off my headphones, the sound comes back on. If I turn my headphones back on, sound works fine through the headphones until I change areas, at which point, all sound stops again.

Computer is brand new (just set it up yesterday, Windows 10 fully updated), did not have this issue with my laptop on which I previously played.

I've seen previous posts that the game doesn't like RealTek sound cards/drivers, which this computer has. But I don't know why the issue would only start at area-change... either entering the game, or switching areas.

The issue only happens with the bluetooth headphones, wired headphones work fine.


looks more like is related to the drivers than with the game, because Bluetooth devices need drivers to work properly check if your drivers to the headphones are fully updated

Bluetooth drivers are fully updated.

I have done literally nothing, but the problem has gone away. I blame gremlins.