[Ship 2] - The_Fire_Nation Alliance, we are recruiting! | Active | Semi-Casual | Discord | New and pso 1&2 vets welcome | NA | Friendly | English

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We do welcome new Arks to the guild to help learn more about the game, But we would love to at least run this raid event at "Very Hard" Mode. We do plan to hold Raid events for lower level players as time goes by. Please do keep in mind that I am a new alliance leader and will grow with you if you choose to join!

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this wasn't everyone, but we had a full 12 squad run this 6hr raid we put together! it was a great time and had a ton of laughs!!!

bumping this up, cause our raid event is this sunday!

still looking for new alliance members

twas a successful raid event yall missed!

Taken on more people but still have room at this stage, come see us if you're active and want to contribute to a sociable community focused alliance 😃

you are weak if you don't join the alliance, lol jk jk

we are currently at 25 members!

Join or die