Steam Account on new PC


I recently had to replace my hard drive and that meant reinstalling PSO2. I was playing PSO2 through Steam before I had to replace it and I've reinstalled it through Steam again on the new machine.

Will my Steam account carry my PSO2 account over between computers? When I loaded up the game it treated me as a new player, but said established players should go to the ship they were playing on. It's vague enough I didn't want to go further and risk losing everything by accidentally issuing a new PID.

Thank you.

yes the account is carried on, that message is because you don't have the local files in the new hard drive so it recognizes as new account but after you connect to the server it will get the info of your characters and create the local files

And I'm right where I left off before the replacement. Awesome!

Thank you very much for the information. I really appreciate it. 🙂