Costume Contest NA SHIP 4

Hey there, my alliance is gonna do an event this October 31st:

-Everyone can participate into the event

-The event will be happening in our home, Block 005 in the gate area, the lobby is your runway!

-The topic of the costume is FREE, you can cosplay for whatever you want, even the most ridiculous idea!

-The judges of the event are gonna be the Shooting Stars, AKA the officers of the Sunset Warriors Alliance , they are gonna evaluate your costume/cosplay in Style, Performance and Creativity so you have plenty of time to figure out what you want!

-An party will be going on after the contest at MyPersonal Quarters, you can hang around in there, have a fun time in the dancefloor, chat around, play in the game area and hell, why don't take a couple of pictures!...

-First, Second and Third place are gonna have 30 Mil, 20 Mil and 10 Mil Prizes, if you get into one of these places be sure to check out an item from the store in that range of Meseta and we will give it to you, but remember, only if you win!

8:00-9:00 PM EDT Costume contest 9:00-???? PM EDT Party in Flower´s Personal Quarters

Be sure to join the discord server for more information:

See ya on the flipside!


Oooh finally something for ship 4!

@Flower-Vato Just be careful with how you go about doing the prizes, as the player vending has been heavily scrutinized as of late by those moderating for Bots, and those that are using the player stores as a means of delivering meseta. I'd say use that randomized reward thing that players can place in their quarters as a means of handing out prizes. Should lower the chances of you guys being caught up in something you weren't doing.