Endless whines will be the new hot topic..

Ah, persona. Yeah no one is reaching that solo. It has been done on Ship 3 in a group already (whether it was legit or not i dunno but i can imagine it's doable legit). Regardless, we should be able to get anything persona himself can drop soon anyways, so it's rather irrelevant.

All of the scion/successor classes boast higher solo scores in both Endless Quests than Gu/Fi. Gu/Fi is arguably a "mid-tier" when it comes to Endless Quest solos now. If you're still using that 2018 data then you would think Fighter main is the second best at Endless still, but in the current balance it falls into the bottom 3 for Endless soloing with Su and Te being worse for solo scores.


non-gu classes sure are weak

damn bro how'd you wield a katana on Gu


@SuperND420 There are weapons that can be used by any class. Though I think the poster above you is explaining that he could do the content with a non Gu class. And I suppose he did it as braver so they can use the best katana avaialble.

atlas katana, nemesis bow and 60atk units. decent, but not the best by any means

Also funny enough, adding to earlier topic, Luster no longer holds the record for Rondo solo on JP, we'll see how long that lasts though.

... so Gunner has it now right?

no, Phantom took it.

@ZorokiHanuke i was trying to meme. I'm aware of this lol.