Lobby stuttering

I just updated my game and have tried to do the lobby stutter fix but it has been unsuccessful. It won’t let me on to the server with out serious lag.

Weird, I'm fine running at 144FPS on 2k resolution max settings.

@Shirokami07 said in Lobby stuttering:

S on 2k resolution max settings.

Ik thats the problem it still hasn't worked and i've tried everything

That lobby stutter happens to me as well whenever I log in. But at least it goes away after fully loading the game, which takes seconds.

I've been having a weird issue that may be attributed more to my display than the game. In my case, I run at 3840 x 2160, which is what people call "fake 4k". The issue happens only when any of the lobby monitors is playing something, and as I check my Steam FPS counter, the frames do not drop there (they stay at a solid 60), but I DO see stuttering on my screen. So it could be something related to my display's refresh rates, since the game is running at 60 fps, but the video is most likely running at 30 fps.

TL:DR: See if playing with those monitors off reduce your stuttering, OR use an app that allows you to see your fps on screen when the stutter happens to see if it's GPU or monitor related.

Oh, also, moving the camera view away from the in game monitors (like looking down or going somewhere without monitors) solves the problem instantly. This is what makes me think it's a monitor and refresh rate issue.

@ImperialOdin217 yeah I fixed it but it wouldn’t go away even if I was on for hours

Have you tried a low population block?

I tried it with lopop when it was broken it never went away