4th Recommended Quest

Aren't we supposed to have this by now? Feels weird just seeing 3 every day

The 4th recommended quest is the "Level-Up" quest. Which permanently has a 100% EXP Bonus applied to it. (The bonus stacks with PSO2 Day, and EXP Bonus days.) It's likely not coming out until Episode 6. It includes on its rotation...

  • The Urgent Quest in Daybreak Province (Quest Points with the Poison Floor)
  • Floating Facility (Wopal) Quest Point / Emergency Code Farming
  • Castrum Demonica (Story Ver.) (Non-Buster Enemy Rush)
  • Corrupted Mothership Quest Point / Emergency Code Farming
  • And more...

I know whats in em, just jp had it since around episode 4 and it's off seeing endless quest before it

The reasoning why they haven't added it is because we're getting content rapid-fire, and don't want to add a system that's meant to depreciate systems like Buster Quests.