Bought Premium 30 days, and Gold pass.

They havent activated, i have them both in my Purchase history, logged out several times, dashboarded serveral time, still dont have gold battle pass or Premium 30 days, Anyone else having this issue?

EDIT: If you are having the same problem, check your FURNITURE tab, thats where mine was hiding LMAO, not sure why.

Did you get the premium 30 days as a ticket in your inventory? If so, did you use the ticket? Do you know if the battle pass is in your inventory too?

@Aviarei I did not, as they are supposed to be used automatically on buy. Checked inventory aswell as campaign rewards. still nothing 😞

@gO-BeWarned Ah I see, thanks for the info! The only info I have to go off of is the JP version, when you bought the premium 30 days it showed up as a consumable ticket in your inventory; I hope they're able to resolve it soon!

@Aviarei Yea me to haha.

Have you tried checking Temporary Storage? Or is that not a thing in NA?

Ill try now.

EDIT: not in any of the storages, Temp included 😞

The premium pass was at the Visiphone > Campaign Items > Purchased.

I dont have anything in there. says no campaigns underway.

@gO-BeWarned Mine showed up under default storage

@Louuol24 Like i said, nothing in any of my storages 😞

Everything was sorted, FOR SOME REASON, it was in my FURNITURE tab of all places 🙂 i feel kinda dumb, but thank you for your tips and suggestions and all around help 🙂

DAMN i am having the same problem rn .... thankfully i came to read this