So atlas EX when?

We have spoent what 3-4 weeks on these weapons now.

Now we are seeing more novel drops and now at the end of the mission pass some liberate materials?

Are we going to see liberate at the same time? Is atlas ex just pointless banter now? I dont feel like im progressing again like when we had nem/Raven weapons released early..

I would have liked to see my austere/Atlas EX released sometime before seeing all the new 14/15 star drops.

but i guess sega is time gating us even more now

this sucks =/

SLow down and enjoy the journey. Why are you in such a rush? There's more to the game than just speeding through everything.

Other MMO's take far longer to get things moving. I find this game is throwing stuff at us a bit quick. But I just take it at a nice pace and enjoy the game. I wouldn't mind another month or so to finish working my val weapon up into Atlas before they release more stuff.

no ones speeding through the game O.o we had nem/slave on top for 5 months before we had something even close to competing. But we have had the materials for 15 stars for so long now that its kind of redundant to give us even stronger materials for liberate before atlas EX and austere are even able to be crafted is what im getting at.

Isn't the 14* Atlas the only weapon that currently has an S4? Putting lifesteal in that S4 turns your character into a tiny god. I'm ok with that for the next two weeks.

If there are new weapons to work towards, that's great. I can be Wolverine while I do that.

@Bucko-Jones6692 Novel weapons (and their upgraded form, Liberate) also have an S4 slot, though they don't have an S4 SAF, so it would need to be transferred from an Atlas or from a capsule.

DF Omega Appregina and Loser have just been released so it's still some ways until Ex series might be available.

The main story isn't at its end yet either on top of a few more missing EQs


EN patch pleb detected.

EN patch pleb detected.

Reread, again. Thoroughly.

I was kind of disappointed that atlas ex wasn't released today as well. Was kinda excited for it. Unlike many people here Im not driven by cosmetics so my drive to play lessens when thier is less to work for.

@Tasty-Human-bits said in So atlas EX when?:

I was kind of disappointed that atlas ex wasn't released today as well. Was kinda excited for it.

Same, had my 4 weapons and 800 excubes ready

Most likely we getting it when ep6 launch

@Albedo said in So atlas EX when?:

Most likely we getting it when ep6 launch

fairly sure atlas ex released during episode 5 in jp, wouldn't make that much sense since they're speeding things up as well

If we don't get it next maintenance then it's gonna be ep6.

I'm one of them casuals who doesn't like gear grind but I'm also pissed off about this. I spent a lot of time getting my Atlas weapon made and affixed (in my case, thinking it would stick around for a while like nem/raven) and now it seems better weapons will drop at the same time. That doesn't motivate me. Just makes it feel like I wasted my time.

There is technically no point in "playing". With ngs looming over, it's all about farming sg for emotes/cosmetics. And even that is debatable since old emotes won't have moving fingers even in ngs. It's all just a waste of time at this point, there is no "progression".