An idea for stopping spam Meseta bots for NGS

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@ERICK001BC You can literally level to 21 in the first five minutes of the game, just sitting in the lobby doing all the starter quests. It would make more sense to do what SEGA used to do in Japan, according to Vets of the game, and force players to create a SEGA ID that has your home number, and address, and whatever else they used to ask of you, as supposedly there were fewer bots on the JP version.

Honestly yes playing on the Japanese serves is one of the reasons I thought of it. Though Sega in itself is a big company, some people might now want to do a sega account but a PSO account would be specific to that game similar to cod/battlefield. Though if they update it to how ubisoft, or epic games I can see that working.

Another reason why there weren't as many bots in Jap servers is because rarely did they ever actually buy meseta. Over here in NA there are countless of people admitting to purchasing it, just scroll through twitter. I even seen a few here on the forum complain that they where banned for that. If ppl buy here, they aren't going to leave. Thinks of south park homeless episode.

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easy to circumvent if just a subclass trial since I can finish that in like 5 minutes or less on a new character tbh.

It's easy to get to the level, but to actually finish the subclass license quest they have to find a way to get the bot account into two areas and path around (a randomized area, note) until they find the mobs. These are not guaranteed spawns or bosses, unlike the ones needed for the skill point quests.

These people do not do these things manually, because the number of bots they want to run are on a large enough scale to make that way too time consuming.

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why not have it where you try to repeat same thing over again an system doesnt send it or just censors it.

It's actually really easy for a bot to alternate strings. And once they've bypassed that for one bot, they've bypassed it for every bot from there.

While making bots alternate chat is a good idea on paper once they modify their code to change their chat just enough every post they bypass that filter forever.

I've played games that freeze chat if you post the same thing too much and the bots just add extra spaces or change the symbols at the end of their posts. Some of the smaller bot websites on PSO2 seem to already be adding random strings of letters to the end of their spams.

I really think that what would fight this best would be something that requires manual input, not just a level requirement, as others said that is easily bypassed. Requiring them to actually do an exploration or personally kill a certain number of zone bosses would be something new accounts would do anyway, and require the bot handlers to actually put in some manual time for every 4 bots, unless they want to code in a complicated pathfinding AI comparable to the stuff tesla's doing to deal with the randomized maps and spawns.