Unable to join 2nd Part of Urgent Quest

After completing the first UQ for all levels, I cannot complete the one for level 80 players. The urgent quest is completely removed from the quest counter.

I have a level 73 Hero I did the regular UQ with. After switching loadouts to my hunter/fighter (both 80) the urgent quest was no longer available at the quest counter but the announcement kept playing until over. I logged out and changed blocks but nothing worked. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

to get access to the 2nd UQ you have to atleast done the highest level for the first part (the 75 which usually is EH), which is why I mostly do them with my 90 hero or my 80/80+ te/bo or te/fo alt rathern then some of the classes I'm leveling that is under the cap for them

@Thelnar ah ok...makes sense! Thanks for the help!