Can we Stop With Pointless Censorship?

@Akonyl said in Can we Stop With Pointless Censorship?:

Fwiw, this point isn't really relevant anymore. It was posted before the maint, when Seana Leathers innerwear was shown with the wrong icon on the announcement site

Thanks for the correction! They still had no qualm about publishing an image of what is essentially Smart Inner on the website, but that's not quite as important a matter. I guess my objection changes to not posting inaccurate information in the first place, but that's for a different topic!

I could bring up other matters about this (Frost Disciple [Ba] on the SG scratch promo video appears to use Smart Inner to advertise the basewear, for instance) but it's not a campaign I could really put any energy into.

Currently pso2 is a +18 game, there is no need to change in the game.

I have proof no player characters are minors. pso20201028_185946_001.jpg They wouldn't be allowed to serve us beer at the cafe if we were.

Also I doubt we'd be serving in an elite military force that fights planet and universe eating monsters.