Can we Stop With Pointless Censorship?


That sucks, now I want smart inner! I don’t collect much inner, don’t like how they look and I’m a frumpy lady anyway so I never see ‘em.

@Milk They used to be a default item, you start with them in the JP version. It was so nice not having to worry about bits poking out here and there lol.

If you dont mind the tattoo, Seana's inners could serve as an alternative to smart innerwear. alt text

I dont know what the classic Smart innerwear looks like so I assume it's a bit like this.

Here's the changed base personality text compared to the other personalities. Screenshot_4.jpg

@Thedovahmon I think that that is an error on the part of whoever puts up the scratch images here on the site. The actual Innerwear for Seana Leathers is very different:

alt text

That currently posted image is the Seana Inner that was part of the layered version of the Quartz Verge, originally released to tie in with the Episode 0 manga where Seana was the main character.

And yeah, Smart Inner is basically that, but without the tattoo and with different colors (white instead of tan, and red instead of blue).

I am going to need that.

I can understand a lot of the possible reasons why various things were changed, and I'm not even upset by them (as the game is still quite enjoyable regardless of said changes), but in the case with the Smart Inner innerwear, there's no longer any valid reason for the omission of it, especially with the addition of "Seana Leathers [In]" which is literally Smart Inner with a tattoo.

I'm not here to debate or argue a case for every single thing that's been changed. Only that in this case, simply add the original item that was available from the start. No pitchforks, no sky-is-falling overreactions. Just simply replace what was removed. There's no reason not to now.

Yeah, I noticed my aux called me handler one day and I thought something along the lines of "wtf, did you just call me?". I thought it was the personality thing I changed.

@ThirdChild-ZKI Like I noted above, the Seana Inner picture is the wrong one since the one that goes with the Outer and Base (Seana Leathers) is not the one they pictured on the site. It is more than likely that the PR team just took a picture of the wrong item, and are they not actually going to release the Smart Inner-derived version (If I recall, a mod once said the PR team had a build that had everything unlocked that they used to take screenshots, so they likely also have access to items that are supposed to be unavailable, like Smart Inner and Seana Inner. EDIT: I even found a color variant of the Juno Charis that they used in a promo shot that isn't even on the JP version:

That said, I wouldn't mind being proven wrong once the server is back up.

@Milk said in Can we Stop With Pointless Censorship?:

These seem like valid complaints. Why do we have a stripper pole emote in the game and micro thong bikinis if they’re so worried about skin showing? The basewear censorship literally makes no sense. Either your game is rated M or it isn’t. Your customers are adults playing an M rated game, stop treating us like children.

And if you’re going to keep the height restriction then can you guys at least give more flat shoe options? Short adults exist but I understand your reasoning. What I can’t understand is why shoes have to be like five inches tall. Better yet, make it so shoes don’t effect at all like ffxiv does. My 2B outfit keeps me the same height as with flats in that game. I don’t want tall shoes. I don’t want to be tall.

It not skin but inappropriate actions between two character is the issue.

I agree with Sega censorship! I don’t agree with this thread topic.

@RainGnyu Not sure why you said you don't agree with the thread's topic, when the height part of censorship you're speaking about is not even the aspect of censorship I was focusing on in this thread. I specifically said that I kinda get why they would think to do that, though I feel it's kind of unccessary.

What I was focusing on here was things like words being changed to "avoid offending people" when they're not even offensive, and clothing being changed, which I have much more of an issue with. You can't say it's not about skin, when that's literally the only possible thing censoring an outfit could be about. There very much are emotes to do pretty risque things, which would be the case even if the outfits showed literally no skin.

I don't see how the Merlott outfit was censored at all. what part of the inner where you supposed to be able to see? that outfit re released on JP as part of their Halloween mega scratch revival and the concept art images match up with what NA seems to be getting.

@AndrlCh Is unfortunately correct, wrong image was indeed used in the preview.

@MasterDarkwingz Yep. This game has NO excuse for any of the censorship, any of it.

Yet we still have a sad profanity filter we can't even turn off.. meanwhile we have characters cursing all the time.

Here comes the Indoctrination, misdirection, culture insensitivity agenda baiting tactics to incorporating an inappropriate immortality’s bandwagon under the banner of missing content. I agree with Sega’s proper censorship for the community as a whole.

I want to play Sega game not your immortality game!