Can we Stop With Pointless Censorship?

People have been complaining about censorship since the beginning of this game's release and yet they continue to censor more and more things and make other similar unnecessary changes. I came to accept the height limit changes (though I found it unnecessary and really don't understand why the max height was also reduced) I kinda get why they removed certain scenes from EP4, even though the bathhouse scenes after the first one introduced certain characters, established how they knew eachother, and showed how they interact with eachother. And I even kinda get the change of Slave weapons to another name (though not sure where they got Raven from).

The problem is they don't know when to stop and continue to make more and more pointless changes, here's some examples I know of.

  • Changing The name of the blacklist from simply "blacklist" to "PSO2 blocklist" this has nothing to do with skincolor, everyone knows what a blacklist is, and anyone that says otherwise is the one being racist.

  • Changing the dialogue of the auxiliary from calling us "master" to "handler" (which I honestly think sounds worse)

  • and now we've seen a preview of layering wear in the ARKS hour video where they censored the basewear because of how you can see the innerwear, something people specifically asked for as an option.

  • Harriett's Battlewear layerting wear's basewear was also censored.

Why must we keep getting these uneccesary changes? Can we just stop this already, people have been complaining about censorship since the beta of this game, and yet they continue to censor more things. I just don't understand how after all the complaints they continue to censor things more and more often.

I know this will start another comment war, but I think they've went too far now at this point.

Edit: I will be adding more bullet points to changes I find ridiculous as people mention them in this thread.

I agree especially with those first two bullets. When you change something with no relation to what you want to avoid, it just screams that you are the one who is being racist. Also, the bath scenes would only be rated T based off of other games with bath scenes with younger characters that are rated T.

Wow, this just reached a whole new level of sad for a Mature rated game.

Good we go AGAIN...🙄

@Scerms77 said in Can we Stop With Pointless Censorship?:

Good we go AGAIN...🙄

That’s what happens when all the banned users can must make another account without penalty. Nobody in the actual game gives two shits about anything ever mentioned here. It’s just become a stupidly annoying and pathetic gimmick at this rate. Bunch of god damn snowflakes.

These seem like valid complaints. Why do we have a stripper pole emote in the game and micro thong bikinis if they’re so worried about skin showing? The basewear censorship literally makes no sense. Either your game is rated M or it isn’t. Your customers are adults playing an M rated game, stop treating us like children.

And if you’re going to keep the height restriction then can you guys at least give more flat shoe options? Short adults exist but I understand your reasoning. What I can’t understand is why shoes have to be like five inches tall. Better yet, make it so shoes don’t effect at all like ffxiv does. My 2B outfit keeps me the same height as with flats in that game. I don’t want tall shoes. I don’t want to be tall.

Censorship been a topic since even before the official release of the game. SEGA has not only provided zero comments on it but rather doubling/tripling/quadrupling down on it with new contents. I think it's clear what the path SEGA is taking for the global servers and I don't see it changing.

@Milk said in Can we Stop With Pointless Censorship?:

I don’t want to be tall.

Do we really need to argue about this? Its all good,come down please. The game allows you to make your charackter about 1.5 meters small. This isnt tall at all....


And if you wear most female outfits it adds five inches from the shoes. Heels and platform everything.

I dont want to be sarcastic....but whaaaaat?! +5 inches?! Sega needs to do something!!!!1!!!11

No serious. Its ok, you dont want that addition to your charackter. There is still a shitton of outfits you can use.


You’re being extremely rude. “It doesn’t affect me/I don’t want it so I’ll make fun of someone who does!”

That’s my take from your reply.

The minimum height is 5’0, with most of the shoes it puts you at 5’5. The average height for a US female is 5’4, meaning yes this is tall.

I own all of the flat shoes, some in multiple colors. There isn’t enough options. I have tall characters too that I use heels on but I don’t want that look for my main.

No i dont want to be rude. I apologize if it appeared like that. Yes, i was just making a little fun about that "issue". Please dont be so serious about something (in my eyes) minor like this.🍻


You find it minor, that’s the thing. We’re coming from two different viewpoints and trying not to dismiss the other but we’re never going to agree on it. I don’t find it minor, I find it frustrating. Game breaking? No, but unnecessary and a pain to design outfits for specific characters. That’s it.

Its ok, of course everyone might have a different view in that.

Just this morning, a fellow alliance member with his tiny girl charackter stood in front of my male cast in the lobby. His charackter was literally not even half the size of mine.

It was that image i just reminded and thought, do we really need to make charackters even more smaller?

I want the class counter to tower over me.