What is actually wrong with you, you have issued me a "[No.816]" suspension. Why? I don't cheat. I don't have multiple accounts. I don't flame. I don't do anything against ToS. Act fast or get sued.

and threating then here will solve even less your problem, if you got banned then go and send a ticket to try to appeal to why you got banned

@Singleplayer said in Yo SEGA?:

I don't do anything against ToS.

Does this include AFK'ing in buster quests or leaving Urgent Quests before they're complete? Because those are against the ToS.

@Singleplayer If you had any involvement with RMT, whether it's buying from a site or trading in game items/currency for stuff in real life. Heck, I heard that even buying from bots (at suspicious prices) might get you banned.

BTW, every major company's policy is to stop communications immediately when a lawsuit is involved, so maybe not the best route, yeah?