[Ship 01] - Melted Sun, A very friendly (But empty) Alliance! We merged with Dere LLC PLEASE READ UPDATE!![Private Art Discord] [Discord] [Active] [Casual] [EU/Asia/Australia Friendly] [PSO2 JP Vets]

Firstly I want to begin stating that this alliance had to be redone due to inactive players from day 1. We used to be a Rank 79 Alliance but I decided to start over due to there being new players that came for EP 5 and so on. WE WELCOME YOU

Hi there, I am Melt, MeltyYeen, Kiwii, or however else you found me. I am an Artist/Illustrator so I take time from playing this game to focus on my commissions but I am always active as much as I possibly can be. I am also known in the Furry community so if you are one yourself, then by all means, don't hesitate to join!!

A few things I want to point out before moving on to the big stuff. I will bullet point them so that way you can have an easy read.

  • The Alliance will be ranked up to 5 due to me binging the Casino and the client orders from the Alliance counter, currently it's at Level 3.

  • The tree has not been touched this entire time so it will have to be done as soon as I get more members to join and help with alliance matters.

  • There are NO Operators on board yet, so I am currently looking for those either just as active as I or even better.

  • My Discord (MeltyYeen#0119) is virtually the only place you can reach me if an important matter comes up or if you need me. (I can also provide other means to contact me but Discord is the best to reach me.)

I strive to help those that are looking for the best builds, best weapons, best anything as much as I can or at least to my knowledge. I am still learning more and more as the game progresses and that's just me picking up more things that I wish I knew when I played JP. JP has basically screwed up my thought process on things and makes it just a little bit harder to understand what I am doing here on NA. But I will still strive to do my best.

For beginners, I take them through level grinding and tell them other things to help them get fully started on PSO2 and to help them fully thrive and be the best player they can be.

If you have any more questions please feel free to ask or you can DM me on my Discord which is MeltyYeen#0119 (If you cant reach me through that tag, it will be Melt#0119 I change it periodically.)

EDIT: Hey there! Sorry for this, but I have merged alliances with Dere LLC. They are a really fun and Big alliance and if you are looking for those to chat with and have fun with, they are the ones to do so with!

To get more information on their alliance please go to this forum link: https://forum.pso2.com/topic/7453/ship-1-dere-llc-is-recruiting-active-players-we-have-active-discord-new-and-vet-players-is-welcome/31

Here are some links to different places I provide:

Private Art Discord

Alliance Discord (Both NA and JP)

Melt PSO2.png

Morning Bump!

DM me on Discord: Melt#0119 or on Steam: MeltyYeen

Small bump informing that I'm actively looking for Operators for my alliance!!

Afternoon Bump, I am still looking for active players!!

Night time bump, Hadn't had much time since I'm doing sketches for folks over on twitter hehe. Still accepting Operators for my alliance!! The alliance will also be pushed up to Level 5 🙂

Nighttime Bump, really late since I have been extremely busy with things!

Another bump, sorry been moving boxes. Moving into a new home.

Hi there!

We have merged with Dere LLC!!

You are still welcome to apply to their Alliance!! We are usually located on Block 3!

I will continue to help beginners and the likes get into PSO2.

I hope you have a wonderful time!

Please go here for more information on their alliance: https://forum.pso2.com/topic/7453/ship-1-dere-llc-is-recruiting-active-players-we-have-active-discord-new-and-vet-players-is-welcome/31

Great to have you all on board ❤