Omega Luther is coming. Are you ready?

I know I am.

My ass is ready for a whuppin, and my weapon is ready to give it! ok that sounds super kinky and wrong..

It's going to be fun if it comes with hero's crests dropping and updated zieg exchange 😁

Time to have more garbage in the formula!

I better catch up then! 😧 I wanna fight him, too! I love the old Luther fight.

Incarnation of Knowledge is the EQ I've been looking forward to the most. Excited to know that it's just around the corner.

@MarshalTobias32 Luther is coming to take out the ARKS Trash!

Literally all I know is the name.

But I prefer it that way. I remember seeing a bunch of forum and moreso social media posts about how the original Luther UQ was being regularly failed even by timeout, but by his first PC appearance in early June (excepting one unscheduled window during the first week) the expectation was a comfortable win.

It'd be nice to get a feel for that original difficulty if Omega is meant to be a similar challenge at first.

This just means another set of weapons and Armor that will be up for sale at ridiculous prices.

I know I'm not. So I'm probably going to keep doing buster quests. Like I've been doing. Since I suck at Fellwyrm. (I also sucked at normal Luther, specifically at dodging roomwides and the time stop. Despite me doing the boss like 40 times.)

I always enter the Luther battle with a "Hi, D1ck!" 'Cause he's just loaded with d1ck moves. The only boss with nearly as many is Fellwyrm.

Luther was the first fight I really enjoyed, with mechanics that gave me ffxiv vibes. I just adore him. I don’t want to spoil it for myself but I’m so curious what he’s going to do next! I like the time stop and the merry go round of death.

Fellwyrm is not hard IF you have no latency and are on a mobile class which responds very quickly and has no need to charge most skills.

He does HUGE sweeping aoes SUPER Fast with minimal visual telegraphing so its all about playing close attention and fighting the camera and managing lock ons.

Is this the same Luther with just improved stats or something totally different? I mean, these kinds of bosses are pretty slow on their attack rates so I can find them easy to evade once learned. A lower stat boss with much higher attack rate would be more problematic for me than just slapping a higher stat on the current Luther.... but would make the battle more fun, I'd admit.

@ZorokiHanuke Good question, though if nobody can answer that, I guess we will find out pretty soon. Sometimes all you can do is wing it.