UPDATE (Septemper 10th, 2021): After quite some time, I figured that picking up a higher level of graphic details would make the textures to show up correctly. I don't understand why, but it worked.

There are certain objects in the game that appear as a black solid charcoal. I mean, they have the right shape, but they have no painted textures.

Some units are like that (I don't remember the name), some enemies also are like that (the toy cars from Gemini appear totally black to me). And sometimes even operators like Melita, Henrietta and others, they will show totally blackened out in the cut-in window that pops up during missions, usually in the Forest zone.

Please help me with this, it feels like something is missing. Thank you in advance!

Here are screenshots of many of these things:

Black units: pso20200803_222759_001.jpg

Black silouhette of Brigitta (this one doesn't appear every time): pso20200807_182705_000.jpg

Black Melfonseana hat: pso20200906_022027_003.png

Black vines around Xion from the story: pso20200917_013807_003.jpg

Another black unit: pso20201019_193913_000.jpg

Black pet: pso20201022_182204_021.jpg

Black falspawn toy cars: pso20201022_184359_022.jpg

Totally black accessory without any texture: pso20201026_001648_000.jpg

that is that some textures are not loading, you gonna need to make the launcher check the files to see if they are not there or corrupted

I have run the "new method" file check option that is found at the tweaker, but nothing changed so far. There is a "legacy method" option that I'm currently trying. Soon I'll tell if it worked or not.

Update: I ran "new method" and "legacy method" from the tweaker troubleshooting menu (check all files again), and nothing changed apparently. I just checked the accessories at the salon and they are still blackened, so the problem still lives.

@Jamesmor said in BLACK TEXTURES:

that is that some textures are not loading, you gonna need to make the launcher check the files to see if they are not there or corrupted

I have news about the black texture issue, but not so big news... Here's what happened, I witnessed in an encounter with the falspawn toy cars (Mudr Toyk something). When they were pretty far from me, I could see their colors, but when they got close enough, they instantly turned into black textures.

then is your GPU drivers, check if they are fully updated

Everything is up to date, it's pretty neat in this computer since it has nothing extra added into it.

Now, again the phenomenon involving black textures and distance from monsters, but the totally opposite problem from the falspawn toy cars!

This time, with Briarda and Dagans. There's a minimum distance (not very far) beyond which the enemy will turn black. Within this limit, the enemy will appear as it should. With toy cars, they'd be black very close and "visible" very far.



More evidence of black textures (the reverse problem than from the above one with Briardas), with the Mudr toy cars

Far away enough, textures visible! pso20201106_225749_001.jpg

Close in enough, and textures go black... pso20201106_225751_002.jpg

Even if your drivers are up to date, they could be corrupted. I had something similar happen with another game, and doing a fresh reinstall of my drivers fixed it.